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How social do we need to be?

I haven’t mentioned much about homeschooling in awhile. I guess I would need to post more often in order to do that. Here we are in our second year of homeschooling in town. We have just finished up a few group activities and are getting ready to start some new. This is a great time […]


What I’m doing right now: April 2014

  Figuring out a new phone. I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S5. I was an iPhone person for many, many years and learning the android system has been an interesting challenge. I’m loving some of the freedom. I get caught on the interface when I’m in a hurry. Sometimes I get frustrated. But I […]

  • cutting the cake

    cutting the cake

  • the happy couple

    the happy couple

a steampunk themed wedding in a greenhouse

When a friend of mine announced her engagement a few months ago, I offered my services as a photographer.

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  • vintage tin earrings

    vintage tin earrings

  • smith little torch

    smith little torch

earrings and blowtorches

I made some ‘prototype’ vintage tin earrings that dangle a bit.

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  • Gems and minerals galore

    Gems and minerals galore

  • Beads and cabs everywhere

    Beads and cabs everywhere

Road trip to Indy

A friend contacted me about going to the Spring Indianapolis Bead, Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show. It was a last minute trip and I jumped at the chance to go. We brought Alexander and her youngest son on our adventure, too.We made a day of it and had a blast. I scored some great goodies. […]

  • more of hte memory planner

    more of hte memory planner

  • fun diecuts

    fun diecuts

  • shadows and refections

    shadows and refections

  • quirky mannequins

    quirky mannequins

snapshots of what I’m doing these days

Just a summary of some of the fun stuff I’ve been up to this month.

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At the filming for Ellen

let’s talk about backing up a blog

If you happened to try and come to my blog over the past two days you probably noticed that it was gone. Actually, the blog was there it’s just that the content – or database specifically – was not. One moment it was there, I posted, the next day it was all gone. I tried […]

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  • little page protectors

    little page protectors

  • calendar


  • places for notes and more

    places for notes and more

  • added more pages

    added more pages

Scrapbooking again?!!

Okay, maybe it’s not the same as it was years ago. Back when I memorialized every sneeze and smile that came out of the boys’ faces. Long ago I gave up on keeping track of what we do. Then it dawned on me that I’m missing out on a lot. We do so much fun […]

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a quickie

I signed up for Bead Soup again this year. I’ve been digging through the stash in anticipation and ended up throwing this quick necklace together while I was at it. It reminds me of warm, sunny days. The pendant is made from a vintage tin using the tutorial from Pipnmolly. This one is two sided […]


Thanks, Pete.

~ ~

Pete Seeger had an innocence about him. Like all the crap from the world never got in. Being around him had that effect. You had a strong sense of what really mattered.


Almost February, thank goodness

January is one of those epic months that seems to last longer than necessary. August is that way, too. But January, ugh. Yet another freezing cold windy day to look forward to. I have been keeping myself busy. Reading a lot of historical fiction by Susanna Kearsley. I’m on my forth book by her in […]

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being quiet

There’s been a marked shift in my interests lately. I have no desire to multitask. No interest in go, go, go. I want my down time to be just that. Down time. So I’m off the facebook for now. Too much of nothing on there. I’m not online a lot any more. I do what […]

  • the beach at Waveland

    the beach at Waveland

  • Jellies


  • the chaos of old and new NOLA

    the chaos of old and new NOLA

  • Meeting a cat in the quarter

    Meeting a cat in the quarter

  • My favorite place in my favorite place. Ground zero for joy.

    My favorite place in my favorite place. Ground zero for joy.

  • Spanish moss in a giant live oak

    Spanish moss in a giant live oak

  • Stennis Space Center

    Stennis Space Center

  • Lego mania at the French Market

    Lego mania at the French Market

  • Bay St. Louis is a sweet little town

    Bay St. Louis is a sweet little town

  • Cemetary in BSL

    Cemetary in BSL

  • Sunrise over pelicans

    Sunrise over pelicans

  • Po boys, shrimp, and gumbo til you can eat no mo

    Po boys, shrimp, and gumbo til you can eat no mo

  • Shrine to ancestors

    Shrine to ancestors

  • Until we meet again, NOLA

    Until we meet again, NOLA

Thanksgiving on the Gulf

We took off to the Gulf for Thanksgiving and had an amazing time.


I get so exhausted and there’s still just not enough time to do everything I want to do and need to do. Sigh.


deer head cast

Here’s a quick pic of a deer head I cast from a plastic toy. I added the antlers from soldered wire. Cool, eh? That’s an old dime for scale. I can see so many possibilities with this process.


Enameling Workshop

I spent the weekend at an enameling workshop given by Jessica Calderwood, a phenomenal enamel artists. The topic was vitreous enamel. I will preface this post with the knowledge that I have never really tried enameling before. I own all the basic supplies, including a propane torch. I have, on two occasions, attempted to enamel […]

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~ ~

I’m too busy playing the ukulele to blog.

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Casting metal

For the first time in forever I’m hanging out in my studio space. I’m coming out of one of my epic muse-free periods. I’m so glad it’s over. My tools and goodies are like long lost friends I’ve missed so much! I’ve decided to enter Hatch again this year. Though I don’t think I’ll go […]


Creative Evolution

I’ve been thinking about change. Change in the seasons, sure. But changes in life, too.

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