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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

  • beautiful beds

    beautiful beds

  • dainty bess rose

    dainty bess rose

  • true bug, I think

    true bug, I think

  • excuse me, madam.

    excuse me, madam.

  • a fence in a riot

    a fence in a riot

  • oh, those pollinators.

    oh, those pollinators.

  • chimera zinnia

    chimera zinnia

  • I spy

    I spy

  • lovely


  • alien looking flowers

    alien looking flowers

  • goldfinch hello

    goldfinch hello

  • there she is again

    there she is again

  • lines and flowers on the roof

    lines and flowers on the roof

  • looking more and more

    looking more and more

  • like fall

    like fall

  • ellusive monarch

    ellusive monarch

  • don't mind me

    don't mind me

photo essay: the Idea Garden

It was a perfect day to grab the camera and head over to the Idea Garden.


making use of the wild stuff: St. John’s Wort Oil

I was turned on to St. John’s Wort oil back in 1991 by a friend in Portland, Or. This was way before the internet was public. Back then we shared things in person by doing. Ah, the good old days. My friend Molly taught me about wildcrafting and making medicines. We would go out to […]


First day of school: year 5

After last year I decided we needed a major change to the way we had been doing school. It had taken us a few years to figure out what worked for us, but that only worked for awhile. that’s the thing about homeschooling that I love. You are able to make minor adjustments until you […]

  • flooded creek after a bunch of rain

    flooded creek after a bunch of rain

  • bunny coming out after the rain

    bunny coming out after the rain

  • rainbow after the storm

    rainbow after the storm

  • shiny road and amazing light

    shiny road and amazing light

  • damsel fly on the dill

    damsel fly on the dill

right now

We finally hit the summer pace of life. Days are filled with a mix of fun activities and being totally lazy. but the weather has been so cool and wet.


Thoughts on the camping album

I started working on the camping album. Here are the first couple of pages and some of my ideas on the process.


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Devil’s Lake camping

We are just back from another camping trip. This one was up to Wisconsin’s Devils Lake.


saying goodbye to 2peas

Two peas in a bucket is shuttering it’s doors after over a decade as the go-to place for scrapbooking on the internet. Here’s my goodbye.

  • journaling card

    journaling card

  • title card

    title card

  • decorative card

    decorative card

a different layout (for me) and hello freebie

Here’s my first project life-style creation. I’ve included a freebie “hello” digital file.

  • my little sweet potatoes

    my little sweet potatoes

  • city view from the new park

    city view from the new park

  • waterfall at the park

    waterfall at the park

  • Swallowtail in the back yard

    Swallowtail in the back yard

summer fun

Summer activities are heating up. We are busy but having fun, too.

  • Peonies galore

    Peonies galore

  • more peonies and other gardens

    more peonies and other gardens

Peony Garden at Allerton Park

I’ve tried for many years to make it to the peony garden at Allerton park during the peak of bloom. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, if not my favorite. I’ve posted about my obsession here and here. To be so close to a world class peony garden and to never experience it has […]


re-linked digital files

I’ve decided to try a test run on digital downloads. I’ve been watching my stats and lots of people are wanting them, so here’s the most popular for you to grab.


on Mother’s Day expectations…

I’ve always disliked Mother’s Day. I grew up feeling pressure to tell my mother how great she was. I usually ended up feeling guilty that I didn’t appreciate her more.


8th annual Bead Soup Blog Hop

  I scored none other than Shari Replogle from Play with Paper as my partner this year. Color me happy! I love Shari’s work and have been a fan for a long time. I was thrilled my the soup she sent me: Get a load of all of the goodies! I love the plethora of […]


the yard sale on NSD

This weekend I had a yard sale for the first time. What a task! I followed up with a couple of scrapbooking layouts for National Scrapbooking Day…

  • dandelions and burdock root

    dandelions and burdock root

  • the tincture

    the tincture

  • palest violets

    palest violets

  • almost ombre violets

    almost ombre violets

  • 2 cups worth

    2 cups worth

  • making the syrup

    making the syrup

  • cat yawn

    cat yawn

making use of the wild stuff: Spring!

I’ve been a widcrafter for many years. This year I started with dandelions, burdock, and violets, of course!

  • My multi-page solution

    My multi-page solution

  • Nice little page

    Nice little page

Seeking supplies and other scrapbook ponderings…

I’ve been keeping up to date on my scrapbooking. It’s super easy when I just print off the weeks worth of photos and add them to the little page dividers in my memory planner.


How social do we need to be?

I haven’t mentioned much about homeschooling in awhile. I guess I would need to post more often in order to do that. Here we are in our second year of homeschooling in town. We have just finished up a few group activities and are getting ready to start some new. This is a great time […]