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Magpie Nest Basket

This is how I made the little Magpie Nest I sent to Deb for the May Basket Swap. Even the kids could do this one with a little help.


Putting on a Show, Part 1: The Display

I wanted to share some my display and creations for the Merry Treasures Bazaar in more detail. This was my third show and by far my most successful. I attribute that to a great deal of prep and thought that went in to how I wanted to handle virtually every aspect of my booth.


Hipster Wedding

We attended a family wedding this weekend in Chicago. The couple did a smashing job on the decor. Take a peek.


the joy of discovery

Ever since I made the shape book tutorial, some three years ago, I’ve wanted to try shapes other than apples and pumpkins. This time I made a butterfly.