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Peony Garden at Allerton Park

I’ve tried for many years to make it to the peony garden at Allerton park during the peak of bloom. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, if not my favorite. I’ve posted about my obsession here and here. To be so close to a world class peony garden and to never experience it has […]


How does the garden grow?

The garden is coming along and I’ve made a bunch of changes this year. I added a lot of perennials to the area around the pond, plants for butterflies, and bird feeders.


peony heaven

My passion for peonies grows with each passing year. Their appearance (and fragrance) heralds the official start of garden season in my yard. They are the centerpiece for a two week stretch where my garden is more than spectacular. There are colors everywhere. The green is lush and fills in every inch between the flowers.