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Spring with a vengeance

I managed to pick up one of those nifty Canon macro lenses this winter. It’s one that Igor Siwanowicz uses. Now I know I will never be able to take photos as nice as his but a girl can have goals, right? Now that the critters are crawling I’m out at some point during the […]


Geeky mom apps

I’m still learning the ins and outs of having an iPad as my primary computing device. Some of the issues I have with it, like the small overall display, are not necessarily specific to the iPad but to all tablet devices.


the peeps and I

I’ve been chasing the chickens around with my 20mm fixed lens. I love how wide the shots are….I can see a lot more of the environment than with my oh-so-perfect 50mm. I became creatively dependent on my 50mm. If you have one you know what I mean.


Special breakfast

Most Sunday mornings I make a big breakfast. With all the fresh eggs we have, I usually default to scrambled eggs. That way, everyone can add what they want to them and be happy. Today I did something different.