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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

Posts Categorized / sewing

diy headbands

I had a major disagreement with my sewing machine back on Valentine’s day. I was making something for the boys that angered the thread tension on the machine. We’ve spent a good amount of time apart until now. I think we both needed the space.


vintage printables on fabric

This is by no means a new technique. There are any number of tutorials online on how to do this. I did an educational presentation to our area quilt guild some seven or so years ago. I compared the different print on fabric options on the market. My favorite technique was the easiest and least expensive.


me and my nook

When I first started harvest this year, I read Jane Austen’s Persuasion on my iPhone. Hey, it was a good book and nearly worth the headaches and eye flicker it caused. But it was obvious that it would be a detriment to my health to continue to read this way.


my DIY camera bag

I bought a new lens a couple of weeks ago. It’s a lens I’ve long dreamt of owning. A fast wide angle. That was my reward for working 26 days straight. It was grueling. I still tense up whenever I hear a tractor go by, but that’s becoming less frequent, much to my happiness.