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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

witch’s hat fun, fun, fun

Here’s the info and template for making the little witch’s hat from Halloween project #4. Before we get started, you will need the files, right?

Now that you’ve got the file, we are ready to get down to business! Cut out your cone and brim out of double sided paper. You will see both sides. Keep in mind that you don’t want to use paper that is too thick or you will have a hard time keeping the cone together. I forget about this every single time I make a cone and have to start over. I’ve also cheated and used staples, but that’s my little secret.


I made my cones about 6″ tall. I didn’t want them too large because since I’m going to fill them with candy, I want to keep as much as possible for myself. The larger the cone, the more candy you will give away.


Assemble the cone using permanent adhesive. You could use glue but you’d then have to leave it to dry for a long, long time. Hours even. I can’t bear to think of such a thing so opted for the adhesive tape runner.


Start to decorate the cone and then remember that you need to punch the holes for the trim and tie to hang it with. I chose a slit punch and punched two on two sides. Crisis averted.


Now you can finish decorating. I used little pearls to enhance the web pattern. Isn’t it pretty?


Attach the brim to the inside of the cone using more permanent adhesive. It should nest right in there without much effort. Again, this is where thin paper works better.


Finish with the trim and a tie on the inside to hang it. You can also add a hanging embellishment or charm from the point or just leave plain. Now you are ready to fill your little witches hat with all matter of goodies and hang on a door knob or hook.

Tune in again for more fun Halloween projects!


So, what do you think ?