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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

sans water snow globes


I’ve seen variations of these around the web for a few years. I’ve made them with water and little ornaments. I’ve also made them with photos and little things that hang. This year I decided to make them without water and photos and just stampeed toward the fun stuff, i.e. glitter, pipecleaners, and little animals. Swoon.


Step 1

Gather your supplies. I snipped off some bits of fake garland to make trees, pipe cleaners to make branches, and cotton balls for snow. Just use what you have around the house. A good place to look is in the kids room for small toys or in the Christmas ornaments. I also used little glass jars from dried beef to contain my winter scene and thick cork for the bottom. I recommend using a glue gun, too.

Step 2

I trimmed the sprigs down at an angle to mimic a conifer tree. Keep them small enough to fit in the jar once it’s inverted.

Step 3

If you want a branch, making it out of a pipecleaner is easy enough. Just bend it until it looks right. I left a little spot for my cardinal to perch.

Step 4

Trace around the opening of your jar on to a piece of cork. I thought long and hard about this step and really think a “plug” type material is important. I imagine you could use styrofoam or chipboard, as well. I just happened to have cork on hand.


Step 5

Cut out your cork circle. Keep in mind that it’s going to be slightly smaller than the outside of the jar mouth. It has to fit tightly INSIDE the jar.

Step 6

Cut down the cork until you get it to fit. This might take a few passes because you want it to be snug but not fall in.

Step 7

Trace a larger circle on to a sheet of patterned paper and then cut out with deco scissors.

Step 8

Aren’t they pretty? These are the bases for the snow globes.


Step 9

I chose to decorate my jars before moving on because I thought it would be easier to work with. I used rubons but you could also use stickers or stamps with a solvent ink like Stayzon. Think about the placement of your decorations because you will need to be able to see what’s inside.


Bust out the glue gun and use it to stick the cork to your paper base. Try to center the cork in the circle.

Step 11

Where ever you want your decorations to go, cut a groove to fit the object. This way, you can glue it down in to the cork.

Step 12

Spread out your snow, or cotton ball to fit the size of the cork. Make sure it’s not too large because we don’t want it hanging over the sides. No way. That’s an avalanche just waiting to happen.


Step 13

Cut a little hole in the cotton where your stem or tree will go. Poke the end through the hole.

Step 14

Apply a little dab of hot glue to the groove you cut in step 11. Then stick your pre-cottoned stem/tree into the groove. Hold until it’s stable.

Step 15

Carefully glue around the edges to keep the snow in place.

Step 16

Fix your snow so it’s nice and fluffy. This is where you make any final adjustments to the object and snow.


Step 17

Slip the base into the jar being careful not to hit the sides of the jar. That might just knock the bird off the branch, you know. Add any glitter to the jar at this point. I tried three different kinds of glitter for my snow globes and each one gives a different effect.

Step 18

Pop the cork into the jar opening. Be careful that no snow falls down on the sides.

Step 19

Finish the base with trim or other decoration. Under one I glued a large glittered snowflake and it looks so cool.

Step 20

Finish the top of the jar with whatever you have on hand. Think about silk flowers or poinsettias, ornaments, doilies, buttons, or junk jewelry.

This was such a fun project and it really got me in the mood to “winterize” the house. Of course, my hubby might have a different definition for that word than I do.



  1. MarysMadness

    Very, very adorable! I love this! I may even have to try it myself!

  2. Rachel

    That is so cute! I love the waterless look. Less worry about cats knocking it over too. =) Thanks so much for this, I’ll be linking.

  3. mimi

    this reminds me of the ornaments my grandmother would have on her tree, so pretty, thanks for sharing

  4. The Magic Onions

    These are so adorable… I’ll be making one with my kids for sure… they’ll love it! I’m hoping you’ll share the link on our Nature Collective, The Magic Onions. Pop on over to my blog to post the link.
    Blessings and magic,

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