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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

putting on the gloves


I have a bunch of vintage gloves that I’ve long wanted to play with. They are way too bulky to put on a card or anything needing to be flat or folded. Someday I’ll do a mixed media piece with some of them. Guaranteed that I won’t be wearing them on my man-sized hands. But I really liked the idea of using gloves on a card, so this idea was born.

Just a few things I thought of to do with them:

– Make them in different patterns.

– Drape jewelry through the fingers.

– Put on a ring.

– Hold a flower.

That vintage paper in the background was a score from an ephemera pack I bought back in the day. The paper is soft and faded with blue ink and a line of gold along the edge. So pretty. It’s a letter dated 1917 and it’s one girl thanking another for her friendship during high school. She wrote, “May your future be filled with the best of health, heaps of joy, stacks of wealth.” She goes on to ask her friend to think of her now and then in the years to come. I’m sure she did.


One Comment

  1. Sue

    Thanks for the wonderful gloves template… so nice of you to share!

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