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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

Easter cupcake baskets

I’ve wanted to make a cupcake wrapper for digital cutters but wasn’t sure where to start. After struggling with the dimensions for a few days, I enlisted the help of my hubby to figure out the geometry needed for the master template. Now that I’ve got the basic design down, I can crank out different designs whenever an occasion requires. But the cupcake wrappers were just one part of this project.

The first wrapper is called Bunny Love. It has three different shaped bunnies and some flowers all around the top.  They are all doing different things and checking each other out. This one stands pretty tall over the top.

Next up is the Bunny -n- Tulip wrapper. This one has bunnies facing each other and a tulip all the way around the cupcake. This one is low profile, if it matters.

This last one doesn’t have any bunnies at all, for those of you Mr. McGregor’s out there. Just some tulips and a little leaf design. It’s called fancy tulipand it’s simply perfect for spring!

For regular size cupcakes I cut the wrappers to 6″ wide at the base. That’s measuring tip to tip on the bottom.

I had the idea of using green-dyed shredded coconut to cover the tops of my cupcakes. The green flakes gently cover some light green cream cheese icing. They cried out for pastel jelly beans for my little Easter eggs.  They turned my little wrappers into little Easter baskets.

To finish my little cupcake baskets, I made some tulip inserts using scrap paper. I just cut a double layer of paper freehand and used adhesive to stick it to both sides of the tooth pick. I wanted to make actually baskets out of these cupcake wrappers just like these I made for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe next weekend.



  1. LaNette

    These are adorable cupcake wrappers…thanks for sharing! I’ve had cupcakes on my to do list for the last few days…maybe tonight I’ll actually get around to baking some. Thanks for the baking inspiration!

  2. 7524kes

    Lovely! The green coconut is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tanya

    Those wrappers came out so cute! I have to enlist in my husbands help when it comes to those details often;o)He loves it!


  4. julie

    These are absolutely gorgeous and I love the little tulips with the cocktail sticks, so creative! Thank you so much for sharing!

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