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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

vintage patterns



That’s what I wear when I go out to work in the garden.

I’ve been hoarding these patterns with the hope of someday actually sewing with them. I haven’t given up hope yet, but I’m at the point where I really want to play with the images on the patterns. I stopped myself from cutting in to one the other day. I decided to scan in high res first, and then see where it got me. Ultimately, I ended up printing some to play with. I added the scans to a flickr gallery so that readers could also benefit from their beauty and inspiration. This is what I’ve put in the gallery.



Serious pillow talk here. I can’t wait to make the 2 piece set on the left. Oh wait, I’m not a girls size 8.

Yes, every father looks exactly like this. Isn’t he dapper? Sorry the pensive dad on the top right lost his head.

I love how pointy she is, with the pointy umbrella, shoes, and even her hair. I wish I was that pointy. Not really.

Do you recognize the woman in grey?

You can find the digital cutter files for her here: Dandy Dress Pattern.


She looks quite pleased with herself. She looks like she drinks coffee all day.

Finally something I can wear. Love the tap pants.

These are adorable doll clothes. If I only had a girl…..

I’ll continue to add more because more is what I’ve got! Here’s the flickr gallery of these vintage patterns.

Printable Vintage Patterns.


  1. Julie

    Thank you for posting these and the cutable file is so cute!

  2. beatriz_souza

    Thanks so much, I love them!
    too bad I can´t sew…:o(

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