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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

velvet ribbon flowers


I’ve been on a quest for velvet ribbon for some time now. My aunt Cindy (insert blog link here is she ever starts one) set me up with some the other day. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to come by. It seems like a staple to me, but hey, what do I know? Here’s the tute for these flowers.

Gather supplies:

– Selection of velvet ribbon. You will need about 6″ per flower. I’m sure this would work with other ribbon, lace, or trim but I like the look of the creased velvet.

– Thread. I chose a monofillament thread that is nearly invisible.

– Scissors.

– Fine needle.

– Thimble, if necessary.

-Something for flower centers. Buttons, bling, more flowers, whatever!

1. Crease ribbon over and in creating a slight curve. Sew a stitch starting from back of ribbon going up through the back of the crease.

2. Finish stitch by going back through crease. Tighten stitch securing crease.

3. Repeat step two over and over again creating a circle of ribbon and creases.

4. Line up ends when circle in complete and cut final edge at an angle simulating first crease.

5. Overlap  cut end over beginning edge. Finish by sewing these together.

6. Tie off and trim thread in the back. You may want to add a dab of glue over knot to secure.

Add a flower center, stack them, finish with bling or a button. Aren’t they pretty?


  1. Rachel

    Gah, these are gorgeous! Thanks so much for this- what a versatile embellishment. Not to mention perfect for those fall accessories I’m thinking about. I’ll be linking.

  2. kim otto

    Absolutely gorgeous!! And so easy too!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. JoAnn Burnham

    They are very pretty. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  4. Glenda Hart

    Great flowers. Thanks for sharing. I am sure these will appear on my cards soon.

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