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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

Kid Friendly Halloween Projects


I’m starting to really miss my stash of paper. I’m void of all new ideas and creativity, but I still like thinking about all the fun stuff I’ve made in the past. Here’s a rundown of some of my favorites over the last couple of years.

Thaumatropes, Cheekymagpie style

I think this is my all time favorite project and it’s certainly not just for Halloween. Easy enough for even the youngest of children, it’s no wonder it’s amused crafters for over a century.

Crowns a Plenty

What goblin doesn’t deserve a crown to celebrate the season? Or any occasion, for that matter. I don’t know what’s more fun for me, decorating the crown or wearing it. This one is available in print-and-cut format, but I strongly encourage using it as a base and making your own fun designs.

Witch Hat Party Cone

I made this basic pattern for a party cone, but it works just as well for a real hat or decoration. Yet another simple project the kiddies can do and easily made in to a wizard hat, if needed.

R.I.P beautifully

Who doesn’t want their own private cemetery to decorate as they please? This print-and-cut version is easily re-sized for whatever needs you may have. I’m particularly fond of making it out of patterned paper and decorating them over the top.

Crows in a Row

These gloomy creatures have become the new mascot for Halloween. Why not make your own murder of crows? Easy enough for kids, with a little assistance with the wire.

Scaredy Cat

This is just about the easiest project imaginable for all ages. This pattern was based on a vintage decoration in my collection and offered as a print-and-cut. Don’t forget to play with it when you are done. Everyone needs a scaredy cat for Halloween.


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