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vintage gift tags and stand

I’ve been kicking the card stand idea around for awhile. I would love to be able to display a card easily but alas, I only have one frog. So I came up with this decorative stand design that is easily cut out and then folded to include along with a greeting card. Fun, eh?

But even more fun is playing with these little vintage postcard printable. I found them when I was searching for designs to print on fabric the other day. These were really quite simple and look stunning with the popped up elements and a little bit of glitter. Finish with a bow and it’s a keeper for sure.

I love this old Santa with a maritime scene.

And this little angel is cute, too.

But I love the little snow birds most of all.

Tips for making these gift tags:

-Print them smaller than a normal post card.

-Copy elements to cut out and pop up and print along with the master.

-Glitter before anything else.

-Cut out and add popup details using dimensional adhesive like pop dots.

-Finish with a bow and decorative scissors.

-Don’t forget to include a decorative stand that coordinates.

Behold the loveliness!

I cut mine out of cardstock at 6″ wide. Score and fold in half. Tada! They are ready to use. How easy was that?


  1. Cindy

    What a great idea! I’ve been making the cards but with the stand, it really makes a nice gift. Thanks so very much for sharing!!

  2. Linda in New Mexico

    You are amazing. I just love what you share and the funny thing is….well you are sorta a mind reader too…card stand, yep on my list of “figure it out”. Thanks and Happy Holidays, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. Shelly

    I LOVE these! They are all so perfect! Thanks for the stand too. :)
    (I used the same snow-birds image for a gift tag.)

  4. Karisa

    Holy cow! Those are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up with us–I hope to see you back for the next blog hop in January. I also wanted to let you know that we featured all of the blog hop projects in a special newsletter mailing that went out to our 850,000 subscribers!


  5. Irene

    Can’t get the instructions for the stand to open. Sure would like to make this.

  6. sheila

    Irene – the file included here is in a zip format and included the stand in a bunch of different file types. There are a lot of free programs to open the zip file, just do an online search. As far as instructions, the only instructions are on the post. I hope this helps.

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