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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

getting ready for Valentine’s Day


I’m starting on my Valentine projects this week. I’ve come up with roughly 16 different love crafties for decor, gifts and kids. There are things to decorate, things to give, and some things are just for fun, which are my favorite type of project. In the mean time, I wanted to point to some of my favorite Valentine’s projects from the past. I’m surprised that I’ve posted so few Valentine projects over the years. Valentine’s Day was the first holiday I crafted for all on my own when I was a kid. Let’s see if I can’t remedy that this year.

Anatomical Heart Cards

One of my all time favorites, this project gives crafter’s enough room to relay any sentiment. It was also one of the most viewed projects since it was posted back in 2009.

Bonbonniere Candy Basket

I made this little cupcake basket for Valentine’s Day but it could be used for Easter or any occasion that needs a goody bag. Grown ups can make the base and let the kiddies decorate.

Vintage Printable Valentines

Here’s a high res download of some of my vintage Valentine stash. I have a dozen or so more to post, so look forward to more of them this year. As much as I love the pretty designs of these old cards, I love the sentiments they relay even more. See for yourself.

That’s just a few to get you started. I’ll be posting new projects as soon as possible.

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