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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

march of the crows

I’m just getting back to crafting after working for a few days. (It’s terribly disruptive to my creative flow.) I’ve spent the last week thinking about crows. Ah, they are the best of all things bird and Halloween all wrapped in to one. I think these go nicely with the paper pumpkin.

Here’s the pattern, too. I folded my paper in half and put the straight of the crow’s back against the fold and then cut. I staggered which leg I cut, one on each side so they look like they are walking. Twisted wire make the legs.
The pattern is for the big guy. Resize as needed. Sorry I don’t have more time to play.



  1. Kara Ward

    I love it! Planning to make some to sit on my birdcage looking chandelier. Thanks so much. Kara

  2. nightowl

    Thanks for sharing…I’m just getting started onmy Halleen making and this guy is great!

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