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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

Peat Pot Baskets


These were just so much fun to play with. I broke out the paint, the matte medium, and the German scraps and got busy. Once the pots were done, my handy dandy hot glue gun made quick business of adhering all matter of goodies to the baskets. It was a blast making them in different styles.

For the first one, I used my More Labels and Shapes font to cut out the background out of patterned paper. The inside is lined with a ruffled doily. This is my favorite.

This one I added a dimensional bird sticker to the front. The basket is lined with a ruffle of eyelet trim in the palest shade of blue. It’s my favorite.

This is the only one with flowers. You have no idea how hard that was to pull off! I used the glue gun and places a strip of wire inside the velvet trim to shape the handle. This one is my favorite.

This one has a strip of moss around the bottom and the handle is made of grape vine. This is definitely my favorite.

This one had the egg paper on the outside and just a simple gold bunny. I used two pieces of wired ribbon and the glue gun to make the handle. I placed a pipe cleaner in side them for structure. Love this bow and the simple nest. That why it’s my favorite.

This would be a great project for the kiddies, too. I might just have to make some more!


  1. Sarah

    These are adorable! All at once I realized I was reading “my favorite” quite often! LOL. Don’t blame you; they would all be my favorite, also.

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