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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

lacy flower basket


I’ve been on a Stiffy binge over the past week or so. There’s something about getting that messy and making crazy things in the process. This is the first of my projects using Stiffy, which is readily available at most craft stores. If you live in a remote corner of the world, I found this tute for making your own stiffener. Here are the players for this particular project:

– Fabric stiffener

– Plastic bag cut into a flat sheet.

– Thin fabric or lace (I used a damaged table cloth.)

– Aquarium gravel.

– Bowl or pot for a mold. I used a plastic planter.

1) Start by cutting a piece of fabric that will be large enough to fit all the way down inside the mold. You will need a fair amount of over lap on the edge, so be generous. Then drench the fabric  in Stiffy and wring it out before placing in the mold. You want it soaked but not dripping too much. Carefully line the inside of the mold with your wet fabric being conscious of where the folds land. You want them to be balanced around your edge.

2) Once you have your mold lined, place the sheet of plastic bag inside the mold. This will act as a barrier for our gravel. Fill bag lining with gravel all the way to the top. Set aside and let it dry overnight.

(No photos for these two steps as they are rather self explanatory.)

3) It will not be completely dry the next day but you need to pour out the gravel and carefully remove the plastic bag exposing the fabric inside the mold. This will allow the shape to remain formed to the mold and completely dry. Leave to air dry for a day or two.

4) Once fabric is dry, carefully pry edges clear from mold and work stiff fabric out. Trim edges of extra fabric, and decorate.

I left a small lip around the edge because I wanted to glue these flowers around it. You basket will hold it’s shape very well and should also stand up on it’s own. I added a handle to this one, so it’s a little Easter basket.

More Stiffy madness coming soon!


  1. dapoppins

    Is that easy as it looks? Could I let my daughter help me and not go nuts while she’s helping? (she’s seven?) another cute cute idea. I’ve never used stiffy, but I have lots of old fabric I could use. Perfect timing for give-away Easter Baskets

  2. sheila

    It’s crazy easy to make these. Try experimenting with different shape containers, too. It is a messy, messy project but that’s part of the fun, right? You’ll have to post a link to your finished baskets!

  3. Rachel

    That’s super cute! I’ll be linking to your darling basket- right after I add Stiffy to my next craft store shopping list!

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