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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

lightbulb scenes


We’ve switched over to CF bulbs over the last few years and I’ve been hoarder the old bulbs as I replace them. I’ve ended up with a lot of spent bulbs to play with. I love little dioramas and have made them in the past out of jars and even little boxes. So why not light bulbs?

It took me quite a bit of experimentation to clear them out. I still haven’t successfully emptied a regular size bulb, but I’ve gotten close. The little ones are easy once you figure out the right tools and techniques. I followed the tute over at Team Droid. I use a pair of scissors, an ice pick, and pair of needle nose pliers. I also keep the bulb wrapped in felt while I have at it. Nothing like having it shatter in your bare hand.

I made little winter scenes that prop on the top of paper candles. I also made one as a bottle stopped. They have little trees and snow with a deer and a bird. Oh, and glitter. Of course there’s glitter! Fun stuff. I found the miniatures at thrift stores. Keep an eye out for that stuff! The bases are made of cork and wrapped with glittered pipe cleaner.

I’ll keep working at clearing out the regular bulbs. I have three left to play with so wish me luck.


  1. Cindy

    These are so cool! I would never have thought to use lightbulbs for diaramas.

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