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Etching Projects


I have about 10 projects on my work table in various states of completion. I’m working on a curiosity box from a cigar box, a windowed cigar box, various necklaces, soldered pendants, altered matchboxes for one of Heather’s swaps over at Speckled Egg, rose digital cutting file, and etching. Oh, for the love of etching! I can’t quite shake this technique. No matter what else I’m working on, I inevitably come back to etching. There’s something so darn permanent about etching a pattern in metal that I find addictive.

I’ve been playing with the etching for a few months now. I read about etching with salt water and electricity sometime last year in the Steampunk Bible. Then I heard about using ferric chloride without electricity. I found the ferric chloride at Radio Shack and set about the task.

I’ve tried a number of different materials both found and purchased in a store. The most of the shapes I cut from copper and brass sheets I found in the model building section at Hobby Lobby. It’s available in a couple of different gauges: thick and thin. Next purchase on my list is a jewelers saw so I can cut shapes better. Many of the other pieces came from junk jewelry at the Idea Store. I’m going to make little bezels and fill with resin on most of these. You know, when I have the time.

I bought the bullet casings online. I think they are a .44 caliber. It’s a challenge to find things that will fit in them from my current stash. I think next go round I’ll try something smaller. Oh, and I’ve been making little word tags with the scrap metal. I have a bunch of stamps with words like rainbow, love, music, and dragonfly. Every time I etch I throw a few of those in there, too.

The butterflies are by Graphic 45 and I’ve had more problems with them than success. The first package I purchased had creases through all of the large butterflies. I contacted the company and they were great about sending me another pack. Only a few of those had creases and I decided to just work with it. They are thin and I don’t think they are really brass because they didn’t actually etch. Instead it just created a print in the finish. It’s a nice effect though and one I could see working with in the future. Because they are so thin, I was able to use my Vintaj Big Kick and some Tim Holtz embossing folders. Some fun ideas are to be had there and I want to play with it further. You know, in my free time.

Next go around I am going to try some of the methods outlined at Mordent Designs. Talk about the mother load of information! Mike’s comprehensive discussion of technique is to be applauded. Seriously. It’s because of people like him that the internet isn’t a lost cause.

Just wanted to share what I’m playing with. I don’t have much time and it seems that every project requires days to complete. We homeschool year round and things are getting pretty busy. I really wish I had more time for everything. Life is just to interesting to sit idle!

You can find this over st Scrap Scene for WIP Monday!




  1. Cindy

    Now this is something I could see trying, in my spare time!. LOL! You keep coming up with the most interesting projects.

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