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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

from book to bloom


I started collecting books to use the pages a few years ago. It started with a child’s dictionary that had some wonderful plates of insects, butterflies and birds. Many of the pages were torn or folded so there was no threat of ever using it as a book again, per say. Then I began gathering books that had a great title page or a nice thick paper. I also have an old merck manual in the stash for the great anatomical images. I’ve managed to contain myself pretty well and only really have a few for these sorts of elements. I love having them at hand for whatever my heart desires. These flowers were born out of their pages.


Start by cutting some pages down to a small strip about 3-4 inches long. The longer the strip, the bigger the flower will be.


Apple blossoms have five petals, so cut 5 equal size notches. Do not cut all of the way down or even very far down. It is easier to cut more than less, you know.


Now that you have your five “petals” you need to give them some shape. Round them sightly with your trusty scissors.


Using a stylus tools and a soft pad (I use an old mousepad), gently roll the stylus in circles on each of the petals. This will force them to curl up like real petals.




Use some chalk to lightly color the petals.


Take a short length of pipe cleaner and fold the tip over. This creates a little stop for the flowers but will also give them a finished look.


Start to gently roll the length of petal around your little nub. Try and stagger the petals, if you can.


And keep going until it’s all wrapped around.


Then fasten the petals down with a length of coordinating wire.


Twist it closed tight and cut that puppy.


Peel each of the petals open starting with the outside and going around in order. Be careful not to tear them. They are brand spanking new and tender.


Add them to a stem of the other flowers.


One Comment

  1. michelle

    Beautiful! Will definitely have to try this – thanks!

    BTW – Package of ‘crap’ has been received by my mom. Can’t wait to get back to Canada to check it all out! Thanks again!

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