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A unique mix of crafts, nature, homeschooling…life.

paper applique



I discovered swap-bot a few years ago and finally broke down and signed up for a couple of swaps. I wanted to make something special to include with my first swap, so I came up with a card/tag idea. I have a really hard time making things without purpose. No saying, no photo, nothing but just for the fun of it. I used a paper applique technique that’s a take off on the fabric version.  I love all the options you have with it and I’ve been doing stuff with it for years.

Here’s the tutorial:

1)  Choose your papers. They are you background and top pattern. The top pattern will used for the applique.


2)  Trace or print pattern to be sewn on back side of the background paper. This will be your guide as you sew.


3)  Line up where you would like the pattern to appear on the background and apply with a small amount of adhesive to keep from moving while sewing. Place sheets together.


4)  Turn over and sew on machine using a standard straight stitch. Sew around the pattern. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sew slowly on curves and short lengths. Stop when turning but do not lift up needle so that you will stay on the lines.


5) Trim down top pattern. Using a bone folder or other blunt tool, score along the stitches between your two pieces of paper. This will make it easier to tear.


6)  Carefully tear top pattern around the stitch. The stitching will act like a perforation. Pay attention to corners and edges using a bone folder as a guide, if needed. Tearing toward the stitch gives a cleaner line.


7) Use tweezers to tear off any extra pieces. Finish by adding any additional embellishments.


Once you get the hang of it, you will realize how much you can actually do with this technique.

I guess my creative slump is over.



  1. Rachel

    Gorgeous! I love the pictures you used to explain this technique. So pretty…you’re going to have some happy swap partners! I’ll be linking.

  2. Gina

    Did you make the flower? THAT would be a great tutorial, hint hint!!!! I’ve made something similar from an origami book but I ended up with a square base. Really cute cards!

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